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Straight-line cutting machine
Portable plasma cutting machine
suspended plasma cutting machine
underwater plasma cutting
doubel hand plasma cutting machine
plasma power resouce
Laser marker
Desttop plasma cutting machine
Arc voltage automatic increase
Capacitive automatically increase
Electric button increase
Hand raised

  Wuhan Naiba Machinery Co., Ltd. is located among three lakes and six mountains of southeast of Wuhan, the Wuhan East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone, China Optical Valley. It is at the hinterland of China and the hub of railway, waterway, highway, air way and telecom as well as cradle of modern times industry and the earliest megalopolis during national city construction period. It is also a important research base of China with the highest advanced science and technology education comprehensive power and more than hundred independent institutions. This company, supported by central committee and various colleges, are endeavoring to produce excellent cutting machine. We know the task is difficult and we’ve seen the mission of industry, but we would like to contribute all to change the situation of Chinese metal cutting industry in the world.
  Wuhan Naiba Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is a professional company integrating manufacturing, research and development and sale of metal cutting equipment, such as digital control torch cutting machine, digital control plasma cutting machine, digital control laser cutting machine, metal band sawing machine, band saw blade and hoisting suctorial cup,etc. In addition, it is an agent importing raw material cutting tools.
  “Be adventuresome, practical, honest, combatant spirit, and innovative” is our corporate spirit, “Advanced technology, superior quality, reasonable price” is our thriving principle, “100% clients’ satisfaction, clients’ opinion first” is our service concept. We will make persistent efforts to create the true “Naiba” quality.

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