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Straight-line cutting machine
Portable plasma cutting machine
suspended plasma cutting machine
underwater plasma cutting
doubel hand plasma cutting machine
plasma power resouce
Laser marker
Desttop plasma cutting machine
Arc voltage automatic increase
Capacitive automatically increase
Electric button increase
Hand raised

Technology support:

   The laser and digital control plasma processing industry is a hi-tech industry with characteristic of optical, mechanical and electronic integration, so there is higher requirement to operators and maintenance personnel.
   We hope that clients could master the technology to use and maintain the laser and plasma processing equipment as well as applying them to do research and development so as to expand the application circle.
Our company will offer free training service on equipment operation, maintenance and process for technicians of clients.
After installation and commissioning of equipment, we could arrange operators continue instruction on site according to clients’ demand till their technicians could operate independently.
After service:
   Wuhan Naiba Digital Control Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has an after service department which consists of professions experienced in installation and maintenance of laser, plasma and torch cutting systems. Accompanying the normal running of equipments, our engineers have accumulated profound professional experience of equipment maintenance. Technicians of Naiba are good aware of global technology application of cutting and welding. We hope to improve our level of design and manufacture through these experiences. In addition, we would like to share these precious recognition with clients and bring them practical competition superiority.
   The after service department of Wuhan Naiba Digital Control Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is always ready for your call. We will give respond within four hours after client proposing technological question and arrive at site within 24 hours. If there is any question, we could offer 24 hours service.
   Following the market and thriving for development is our operating principles; “Nai” lies in quality, “Ba” lies in truthfulness; “Be precious and chase for perfect” is our object and we really do develop fast. Through years of hard working, Wuhan Naiba Digital Control Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is among the best of the circle and it has established service networks in many cities of China. Our company sets Wuhan as the center and spread externally. We will make efforts to develop overseas market at the same time to consolidate already occupied market. In order to serve people with better service, we keep improving products quality and perfecting after service system and carrying out the track service. This company is equipped with a satisfactory after service group to implement the track service for users. Naiba Machinery wish your business could further development and our cooperation would throughout the success.
Toll-free service hotline: 400-882-2220 
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